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Radius is an innovative company bridging investment and hospitality to create a unique circular real estate vision of leisure and corporate housing of the finest quality. By connecting both ends in-house we are able to offer more to both investors and guests.


  • Property Development

  • Corporate Housing

  • Travel Accommodation

We begin by searching for a unique property that can offer something extra in value and character. Sometimes it’s a single apartment, and sometimes an entire building – it can be any property that strikes us. We then flip the property, having the whole project managed in-house and executed by contractors, architects and designers we have experience with and trust. Once the project is done we furnish it and offer it to our clients – relocation companies, business partners and private clientele. And we see them through during their stay.

We do everything, start to finish, and connect the dots around you – whether it’s your investment or your employees.

About the founders

  • Alon Tambor

    Alon is a true entrepreneur with a passion for taking the underrated and making it shine – He has an expertise in finding overlooked properties of character and developing them with an added value. With over 19 years experience in real estate investment Alon’s portfolio of privately held properties, mostly based in Tel Aviv, speaks for itself. 

  • Ran Attas

    Ran started his legal studies expecting to take to criminal law, but following his graduation it was Real Estate Law that drew him in – the aspects of negotiation, contracts and finance took him by a storm. After that, he arrived in the world of business relocations where his experience led him to innovative business development and management in the field. Today Ran brings a promising portfolio of international contacts in business relocation, as well as a safeguarding experience in real estate law.

  • Golan Tambor

    Golan has been improving asset performances since his twenties. But It was one customer over a decade ago who wanted a short term rental that introduced Golan to what he came to love most in real estate – Hospitality. From that moment on, his real estate investments grew another side – that of understanding what people need, and meeting their expectations. He went on to own several boutique apartment hotels, and manage others. Golan is the bridge to your dream stay.

Contact us

Allow yourself to focus on what matters to you, allow us to focus on everything else. Contact us for inquiries and available properties.

33 Pinsker St. Tel Aviv